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Are you an affirmed person?

"Biological birth is not enough. Psychic birth* through authentic affirmation is an absolute necessitiy for one to be capable of finding true happines in this life. The not-yet affirmed need it. Infants and children and persons with emotional deprivation disorder. The not-yet completely affirmed need it: Adolescents and young adults. And the mature adult, too, needs the words of affirmation. Affirmation is at the root of all happy human existence.

*A person receives his or her psychic or psychological birth (spiritual, intellectual, and emotional aspects of the human person) when the person's goodness and worth is revealed by the unselfish, mature love of another"

In an osteopathic treatment we are always trying to create a space full of affirmation to enhance the process of healing.

Source: Conrad W. Baars, MD edited by Suzanne M. Baars, MA - Born only Once: The miracle of affirmation

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