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14 Tips wie du mit deiner Zeit wertvoll und effektiv umgehst.

Wir versuchen Osteopathie, Therapie und Heilung immer wieder neu zu denken und alle Aspekte des Lebens zu betrachten und mit einzubeziehen. Eine unterschätzte Ressource ist Zeit! Im folgenden geben wir dir 14 kraftvolle Tips zu effektivem Zeitmanagement.

  1. Time is your most valuable ressource - once its gone it is gone - once you truly understand what you can really do in one minute for your health, for your relationship or having a breakthrough idea, you will not allow people to steel your time with some trivial things .

  2. Identify your most important task (MIT) and do it first in the morning. Most people are at our best for a 2 hour window in the morning because of the limited willpower capacity - we’re working on all others MIT ALL THE TIME like answering Emails and doing things for people that are asking us to do so instead of doing things that are important to us! E.g.( what is the project that doubles the size of your business, or get you your new promotions…) Break those identified tasks down and work on those dominos that you can tip over today

  3. Stop using to do lists - start using a calender. 40% of items on a to do list are never done. Pick a time and a day an do it then. A to do list is otherwise a graveyard of important but not urgent things.

  4. Overcome procrastination and see you future devil version - for example you already know that its hard for you getting up early in the morning so you can prevent that with putting the alarm clock to the other corner of your room.

  5. „There is always be more to do!“ If you are an entrepreneur you are never done. Especially as a young entrepreneur you’re willing to sacrifice you health and your social contacts so: Respect your ressources and go home when you are tired. Allocate other times for your health, family and personal time.

  6. Always carry a notebook with you! It allows your mind to free up and processes new information.

  7. Control your inbox - all the companies out there want our attention - shut of notifications on the phone. Answer mails but just when you want to, not when someone else is calling or demanding you!

  8. Schedule your meetings, say no as most as possible. Richard Branson said 90% of our meetings doesn’t have to be longer than 5-10 minutes.

  9. Say no to everything that doesn‘t support your immeadiate goals. Don’t say yes just because you want to be liked for what you are doing.

  10. Follow the powerful pareto principle - 20% of work creates 80% of your results so focus on the most important 20%.

  11. Focus on your unique strength and passion - delegate whatever is possible even if you are a perfectionist.

  12. If you can do a task in 5 minutes - do it immediately e.g. you open an email when you are ready to process it in that moment. Learn to touch everything once.

  13. Routinely use early mornings to strengthen your mind and body and not for getting work done - how you start your day is how you end your day on the long term high performance people invest the first hour of their day in themselves and they are not rushing in the office first.

  14. Productivity is about energy and focus and not about time - First of all take care of your body (drink enough water, walk, have good healthy food) in addition to that the most productive people take more breaks - so we are designed to sprint and rest and sprint and rest.

credits to "motivation2study"

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